About This Blog

  • I appreciate anyone who reads my blog. I love comments as well. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. Although I don't tolerate plain rudeness. 
  • If you comment on my blog or follow me then I will most likely follow you back, or read your blog as well. 
  • My blog doesn't have much of a "theme". It may have poetry, stories, actual events. All with different ranges of emotion; happy, sad, angry, hyper etc. Sometimes I may write cryptic entries, where it makes no sense to anyone except me and leaves everyone else guessing. 
  • I reserve the right to delete anyone's comment if I feel it is stupid, flat out rude, irrelevant to my posting or disturbing my environment here. 
  • I don't mind language here. I cuss and I wont apologize for that. If you don't like it then take your eyes elsewhere, not my problem. 
  • I may post about controversial topics. I will not have the same view as some of you. If you don't like that, again you can take your eyes elsewhere. 
  • I have had a hard life and have experienced MANY things in my short life. Chances are at one point or another I will post about some of those things. Past or present. Those will be sensitive posts and will be an outlet for me to get things off my chest. Hopefully in the process those things can also help someone else who has gone through or is going through a similar experience. 
  • I may post adult content from time to time. If I do there will be a warning posted at the top of the post. It may also be locked for only certain peoples eyes. If you proceed past the warnings and get offended then that is your own fault and problem, not mine.
  • All of my content/writings are mine and copyrighted unless stated otherwise. Therefore do not use it anywhere else unless you gain my permission first and credit me!

So many people I talk about and dont want to give out their real names for obvious reasons and what not so I have a key as to who the people I'm talking about are in general. Putting that here for referance... I will add to it from time to time...

R.A.F=Twin Daughter
J.A.F=Twin Son
P.M.M=Arics oldest daughter
T.W.M= Arics middle son
T.B.M= Arics youngest son
Gunner=Arics oldest son
Amazon=Arics youngest daughter
Oldest son= Mattheu
Young son= Mini Me
Ex gf/Ex friend= Cyanide
Her mom= The Hypocrite
Her step-prick I mean step-dad= The Drunk
Her baby's sperm donor= SD
My bestie/ex= Vladimir
The besties sister= Siberia
ex love interest = Mushroom Man
The evil ex/Mattheu 's "mom"= Demon Seed Whore
My lil' brother= Tatted man
Agape-Knight=Ex-friend with many common hobbies/could be a really good man but I cant see it that way anymore
Sunray=Bestie/ex/kinda Bro-in-law
Fuzzy=Ex lover/amazing friend/co-worker of Sunray
Smurf man= Best friend/Amazing man of God
Tooth-fairy=Family member or something
Little Bunny FuFu= Good friend/ex love...RIP
Little Maverick= Nephew 1
Boomer= Nephew 2
Sparkle= Niece
BMFB=My right hand at work/ best friend/good role model
Superwoman=Female friend/friend of my sister-in-law
CrazyEyes= G.A.J.S... Siberia's Toy thing...

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