Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The One You Left Behind- Ch 3

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Love, The One You Left Behind (10-2-07)

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! well I guess it still is. I mean I waited til like 11:54 to start writing this, so I'm pretty sure I won't be my birthday by the time I finish. Well I was really only writing you to talk about your parental. SHE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yeah that's right and then she tried to play it off. Ok let me explain. We didn't have to go to school today, which I hate by the way. So I was here all day. So this morning I woke up and went downstairs and started making myself a birthday breakfast. It was going to be so good. Well then this hefer (I mean that in the real definition of the word) came in there complaining about how I didn't make enough for everyone and then was like "Let me have that, its the last of the eggs, you can take the rest of the cereal." So now I'm already angry right? So I just don't talk to her all day. Then I come downstairs at about 5 o clock and she is making a cake and cooking a rather big dinner. So, now I get excited cause I think she finally remembers, so I come upstairs and take a shower and put on my nice clothes and when I get back downstairs she is gone. GONE!!!! I sat downstairs until about 15 minutes ago and she comes walking in and she looks at me and says, "So since you up, that means you can do your chores tonight right?" I could have shoved my whole fist into her nostrils. I was so angry all I could do was cry. So I started crying and she says, "What are you crying about now? Wait, don't tell me. You aren't going to ruin my good night." She walked off and I just sat there. I wanted to say so much, but nothing was coming out. Not words at least. I was at a lost. I sure wasn't at a lost for tears though. I just kept crying and crying and crying. I felt so stupid. So, on my way upstairs I told her it was my birthday and she says, "Yeah I know. I told you this morning remember? " Is she fucking loony? Im sorry, but that's the only word somewhat strong enough to explain how I feel. LOONY! She is such a....UGGGGGHHHH! She ruined my 16th birthday, so this is definitely the last time I expect anything from her on my birthday. At least all my friends called. Remember that girl I was talking about. I told her about me. You know, about how I'm different. She didn't do anything differently. It made us closer if anything. We talk every single night. Well at least on Mondays when One Tree Hill comes on. Its not as fun as watching it with you during the first season, but you know they are not in high school anymore, and high school really isn't like that. Our cheerleaders are totally not that preppy and I don't know of any high school where the best 2 players are white. WHAT??? lol, yeah I said it! I still remember when you and sissy forced me to watch it. I hated the show. It was like a teenage soap opera! I loved the feeling I got when I was watching it though. It wasn't the show, it was the family time we spent. As you can guess we don't get that feeling anymore. At least I don't. Watching One Tree Hill with her is about as close as I've gotten since... well since then.

Basketball is going great. We have been lifting weights and running around the track which I love doing. Its just so free. I might just do track this year. Running is when I feel most in control. You don't have to listen to a coach, or depend on other people. Depending on other people sucks, right mom? Especially since i'm not that fast. I tend to get, well you know, left behind. Right mom? Well I have a Doctors appointment in the morning. They think I could have the same thing you had. How awesome would that be. We would be together again one day sooner than later. But I would work harder to stay longer cause I can't leave sissy here with this animal. Not like you did. I could never ever be that selfish.
                                                                                                                    The One You Left Behind.

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  1. I think the only solution is for me to move in with you, we both know I am NEVER at a loss for words! I could have them all straightened out in no time. Your only job, as a cop, would be to keep me out of jail.

  2. If only I knew you back then. Things would be so much diff probably.