The One You Left Behind- Disclaimer and such


This is going to be one of my blog mini series. Like my other blogs this one is going to have a lot of truth to it, however it will also have a lot of things stretched for dramatic and/or comedic effect. The people in this blog series, like in my others, will be based on real people that have been or still are in my life. It is great if you try to guess who they are but a lot of them are so outrageously over written that it will be hard to tell. Some of the topics that will be written about are very close to my heart. Ok so now i will tell you what the actual story is about. BTW this isn't exactly about my mother, really, as I said its pretty cryptic. This is not meant to be taken seriously although it is roughly real events in a sense. The dates are not accurate by any means either but for the sense of the cryptic-ness it works. All of the posts will be listed in order on my sidebar near the middle of the page, right below blog archive. Cant miss it. :)

This story/blog is going to be diary entries from a guy who is going to remain nameless, at least for now. Actually the letter he writes aren't really diary entries so much as letter to his mother died a few years prior to the date he starts writing. He is going to face a lot of different challenges and meet some very fun people throughout his life. He is basically tell her about his day, almost as if she were there and he was just having a conversation with her. Things will get really emotional when he lets his true, uncensored, unedited words spill out of his brain and onto this paper that he knows noone will ever read except him. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and feel the frustrations of this young man as he writes as the one you left behind.

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