Saturday, August 11, 2012

The One You Left Behind- Ch 2

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Love, The One You Left Behind (9-20-07)

Ok, sorry its been a month since i wrote last, but I...Wait no I don't have to be sorry. You probably ain't got nothing better to do, so you can just wait. You know what you can even wait now. Ha, I'll write you when I'm ready. Goodbye!!!

Ok so I know its only been two hours, but I have some really important stuff to talk about. First I have made a new friend. She is totally awesome. She isn't like super ghetto, although she does wear weave. Lol I doubt I will ever see her real hair. She has really big lips to. She is in my computer class. There is a really long name for the class, but I just call it computer class. The teacher is so short and annoying that its ridiculous. But anyway back to my new friend. She is kinda just like me, and we hit it off pretty much right away. Bad thing is, I think she likes me.  So, I told her I liked her to. That isn't a lie. Don't give me that look, it isn't. I mean I do like her, just not "that" way. Maybe, I could. I mean I forced myself to like a lot of the girls in middle school, so what makes this any different? She is nice and funny and cute in her own way I mean what could go wrong? Stop looking at me like that, I know what could go wrong, but its so much easier to just be normal! Especially since I'm on the basketball team, and I might even run track, and I'm not doing theatre any more. Not after what happened last year. You know, I never expected you to talk back, but even though I can't see you or hear you I know what you would say? "Do you think thats right?" No I don't think its right, and yes I know it could hurt her, but it would be the best cover up right? I mean I have to be considered normal if I already have a girlfriend 1 month into high school, I mean no one on the team has a girlfriend yet except for...we not even gonna talk about him. First of all he has a girlfriend right, but you wouldn't know it cause he try to talk to every girl in school, plus his girlfriend in my class and she is about as dumb as a box of rocks. And THEY LOOK JUST ALIKE! Oh yea, that brings up another thing, they put me in the wrong English class. I was wondering why it was so easy, but then they switched me to a higher English class and it was easy to. I guess its just cause I love writing. I might even consider being an English teacher over a coach. I still remember when I told you I wanted to be a teacher. It was the same night I told you about, well you know. We were on our way home from a game somewhere and sissy had went to sleep. So you looked over and said, "You not sleep yet?" I  just looked back at you like "Do I ever go to sleep in the car?" Then you looked at me again and you said,"What you thinking about?" In my head I was wondering how you knew but before I could reply you said, "I always know. Its mother's intuition." Now I was just thinking you had super powers so I told you before you read my mind some more. "I think I wanna be a teacher." You said," I think you would be a great teacher. You have the spirit for it." Finally we got home and sissy got out the car and I was getting out, but you pulled my arm back in. You looked at me and you said,"I will always love you know matter what, and I will always be here for you." So I told you. I told you and the next day, you were gone. YOU LIED! YOU LIED TO ME AND YOU CANT TAKE IT BACK! NOW WHAT AM I GONNA DO? WHO AM I GONNA TALK TO NOW? JUST LIKE THAT! I TRUSTED YOU TO ALWAYS BE HERE FOR ME LIKE YOU SAID! Why? Why did you have to leave me momma. I needed you. I still need you. I can't believe you left me.
                                                                                                              The One You Left Behind

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  1. I'm always here for you, I can't be your Mom, and will do my best not to slip into "counselor mode".

  2. Counselor mode is helpful sometimes haha