Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inside Ricochet's Mind

This wont make sense to most people. It is not meant to. Basically just a clutter of my thoughts on upcoming events.

17 hours left in the countdown. Afraid. Not sure if I should say yes or no. If I will even go. What if its a mistake? What if it gets worse? Will it get better? Pain. Many possible embrassments. Alone. Losing any possibility of future. Reminders. Unknown. Long road. Assumptions, not really understanding. Can't stand it. Time will stand still. Time, not my friend. Run, Hide. Exploring. Questions without answers. Not wanting to ask again. Unwilling to explain. Crying. Guilt. Shame. Anger. Jumpy. Desperate. Reaching out. Easier? A, D, T? Unintended. Calamity. Tired. Supplicant. Compliant? Medicated. Self medicated? Right or wrong? Protected? In other hands, in more than one way? Worried. Innocance once again removed. Unable. Anxiety. Stranger. Irritated. Foxtrot kilo. Perplexed. Chameleon. Support. How long? Pointless? Lost...

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  1. Ok I was doing fine until I got to the Foxtrot Kilo, then I lost it. Where the hell did that one come from? Are you referring to the alphabet or the song?

  2. Well I guess that is one way to get your thoughts out.........