Thursday, August 16, 2012

50/50 and a bored child

Very stressful day. I was half right about alot of it but I guess things are going to get better. Waiting on a call to set up an appointment at the hospital for a procedure to check out some things and possibly fix some things. All depends still. Got the shot that was spoken about, I was leery but alot was explained and got paper work to look at too so it seemed ok. I have some "home work" to do from the dr. Hopefully I can do it some will be easy some might not. Either way I guess I will be doing as I was told. Dr is really nice. Explained some things I didnt know, that werent really related directly and wasnt his job to point out I dont think, not in that much detail at least. Freaked out a good bit, so glad I had friends there to help otherwise nothing would have been solved at all today. So much for these stupid anxiety meds... pieces of shit. A few things to contemplate but I guess all in all the majority of fear is gone for next time. Some will probably always be there, or atleast for a while. Seems like it could be a long process depending what happens in the upcoming weeks or so. So stressed even though its all over and everything is ok, I just wanna curl up and cry. That wont help anything though and may just make it all worse and last longer. I have a few things to do around the house real quick, then maybe my love will wake up and can read to me or something. Might be relaxing.

Mattheu is mad at me, the twelve year old. He is in utter boredom mode right now, he has zero video games to play with right now. He is banned from the ones hooked up to the tv right now as well as he does not know the parental control code to unlock them. His pokemon cards are also not in his possession right now. Neither is any of his other little boy video game related things. All of it was confiscated last night around midnight. Why you may ask. Because yesterday, he was woke up at around 7 or 8 am to help his "uncle" feed the horses. He threw a hissy fit and smarted off to his uncle as well as did a sloppy job of helping. Then he knew how bad of a night I had sleeping (happens frequently) and he knew I was stressed and freaked out about today yet he still decided to add to that stress. He refused to eat lunch throwing a hissy fit with that, complaining about the food he was presented with. He refused to get ready and get in the truck to go home from the ranch. He wanted to stay at the ranch and play today and such but there was no one around to watch him as they are all busy today. When we got home he was still in a pissy mood, he refused to get out of the truck. I would have left him there but I value my freedom more than letting his stubborn little ass stay in the hot truck. So after waiting for him to get over himself he slams the truck door and marches off into the house. The refuses dinner till I tell him he can starve like the other children in other countries do. Refuses to shower throwing a hissy git about that too. Throws a hissy fit about going to bed at 10pm just because his brother was up a few minutes later than he was. He doesnt think he needs to get on a sleep schedule for school in the next week and a half. He doesnt think he needs to be on a sleep schedule for football camp either in a few days. So he throws the hissy fit then goes to bed... or so I think. I get on the phone with my love while making me some food. Here comes mr. sourpuss... get this, demanding the dog sleep in his room and that he gets to watch 30 minutes of tv since the other boy was up about that much longer than he was. This is where his video games and all that junk went missing from his room along with the tv. I dont know how long it will remain missing. I'm thinking quite a while. He may think he could act like that around his demon seed mother but he will not behave that way in my home. He knows this and has known it for a long time. He will treat me with respect and do what is asked of him. I don't know what his problem was yesterday but it was not acceptable. I have spoken to him today and explained what he did and wanted to know why he was acting like such a hooligan but he didnt have much of an answer. So like I said his things are gone for now and hes busy annoying the fk out of me right now. I handed him a book -.- Will see how long that lasts, not sure hes even reading it just staring at the pages. Oh well. We will see who can last longer with out the games, him or me. I'm thinking some cleaning of the house will do him some good tomorrow cause it sure doesnt sound like any fun to me and hes soooo borrrred. For now I am off to nap or something.

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  1. I can tell you exactly what is wrong with him, he is a 12 yr old boy and he is testing his limits. Been through that with 3 of them and have to admit I handled it the same way you did. Good job. It's so hard on them with two houses that have different rules but he is old enough to learn what is and isn't correct, even if demon seed Mom let's him do it. Mine weren't hooligans though, more like howler monkey's.

  2. I'm glad what ever was wrong when you went to the dr was not as bad as you thought it would be. Call me or something so we can talk.

    The boy is just testing limits. He also has been raised in a negative environment, its something you have to reinforce and show that things are different in your home than he is used to.

  3. Yeah he is testing limits I'm sure. Thankfully he wont be going from house to house. He was supposed to but demon seed never picked him up and now the court will take her rights away if were lucky. Complicated story really but he will be better of.