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The One You Left Behind- Ch 4

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Love, The One You Left Behind (10-21-07)

God didn't do it to hurt me. He did it to make me a better person. What doesnt kill you can only make you stronger and I saw that so clearly today. Ok so we went to church like we do every Sunday and honestly I can't tell you what the pastor said because I wasn't really listening. However, just being in the church made me think about some things and I kind of started thinking about him. You know the guy that changed my life starting in 7th grade. The guy that kind of helped me through everything and became like a brother, and a best friend, and just someone I care about a lot. I was kind of just wondering what he was doing because I haven't seen him all year. For the longest time I thought that maybe he went to a different school instead. Then I thought about how the only reason we didn't stay together was because I was going to South and he was going to North, but then I changed my mind in the middle of the summer to be with him (which noone knew) and I couldn't tell him because he didn't have a cell and his house phone was clearly disconnected. So I was thinking what if he switched to South for the same reason I switched to North. I mean its really sweet and all, but it sucks cause now I might never see him again. Well then I got asked the question. You know the question I hate answering, and it would have been totally different if this person would have asked me off to the side when it was just me and him, but he asked me in the locker room around the entire basketball team. I knew he was doing it just to embarrass me and well MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! So of course I lied, but this time I didn't even mean to. it just kinda fell out of my mouth like a lil lie pusher was standing back there pushing the lie out. Well of course I acted like that was the stupidest question ever and asked him why he would even think that cause I got girls galor. He must not know my track record! I went on the whole lil rant about all the girls I done ran through and of course the people from CM were right there backing me up. But then he was like well This guy told me you were and he didn't even know you went here and my face lit up like a freaking flashlight! I was so happy that my one true love actually went to North. I mean that made my day and I just started smiling which totally blew my cover. Well to make things even worse the coach heard the entire conversation. And this wasn't just the freshman coach it was the Varsity coach, who I don't like by the way. After practice he pulled me into his office and he was like, "I heard the little conversation ya'll were having earlier and I want you to know that I don't care what you do in your private time, but if you ever want to play Varsity basketball for my team, which is very possible real soon, you will not be open about anything like that. Are we clear?" Well I was like yeah cause I aint open about it at all so I figured there is no way this can go wrong, and I was hung on the fact that he said I could play varsity pretty soon! Hard work paying off or what? So yeah this guy he does go to North, now I just have to find him, but anyway I was thinking about him and one thing he used to always tell me was, " You are a really special guy and you have to remember that everything happens for a reason." So today I finally realized that. Everything does happen for a reason and even though I don't exactly understand the reason right this moment doesnt mean I won't understand it later in life. There is a reason I lost my mother. There is a reason I went to North instead of South and there is a reason I don't sing anymore. Do I know what the reason is right now? Of course not, but I will figure it out and when I do you will be the first one to know.
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  1. I see connections with something going on in someone else's life currently that happened after you posted this. Did you notice that? PS IDR my log in so yeah. You know its me though, I'm sitting on the couch across from you lol