Thursday, September 20, 2012

Song Venting

Ok so as a lot of you know, I am a LEO (no not the astrology thing.... Google it). Hence the not using real names and not much info out there about me and so on. Only people that know are my real life friends and family. So that being said...I had a really shitty day at work today. Basically my boss/chief thinks I'm his little bitch. Thinks I'm supposed to run pointless errands for him. He likes to push me around and tell me what to do when my team leader isn't there and I'm taking my team leaders place. He doesn't do this to my team leader. I basically disobeyed his orders. Things came out good. Better than they would have if I had continued to listen to his bad judgement considering he wasn't there seeing what we were seeing. Wasn't his place to make decisions anyway. This isn't his field. Wasn't a situation that granted him the authority to stick his nose in and try to direct orders. I basically saved a little boys life today no thanks to him. My team came out safe. I got hurt a little but small price to pay for saving a life. Of course this pisses my boss off worse, because I disobeyed his orders and put my team in danger and so on. Huge argument had ensued. He eventually shut up, I assume because he saw he was wrong and I was right after he threatened me with my job like usual. I've tried to quit before with this man. I've thrown my badge at him and have slid my gun belt across his desk yet he wont let me quit. If you won't let me quit then why keep threatening my job every time I turn around? Apparently doing my job effectively is wrong just cause it isn't done his way. Asshole! Anyways. Instead of going into a shit load of detail and so on that will bore people or upset someone or whatever. I thought I would post songs that reflect my emotion right now and my feelings one way or another. Feel free to listen or whatever. Basically a mixed of genres probably. I don't know, haven't decided what songs yet. Will do that as I go. You may not get the meaning or connection with these songs but that's ok. Most of my brothers will and that's what the point of this kind of is ;) At least the rest of you get some good music.

Ok I know some of you will laugh at that last song but it truly does have a meaning here..... -.-

That one is for you Rossi and Diesel HAHA! Oddly fits today O_O only you two and I will get it though......

Was a lot of other songs I wanted to post but theses seem to connect the most and say the most right now. I hope you enjoyed. Either way it helped me some. I hope maybe it helped someone out there with something too. I'm off to bed. SSgt Ricochet out!

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  1. I actually understand all of this except the sick bubble gum song lol wtf?