Here I will post important links or just pages I like and find to be reverent to my life but not able to be "blogged" about. It will be updated and changed over time. Some of these links I just want to remember and not lose considering "bookmarks" can be lost. This cant. Also they are good links to just share.
I am pro-marriage and believe everyone should have the same rights. This page is about bi-sexuality. It is real. It explains what some people don't know or realize. It also has some good links on the side.
Defenders of Wildlife. This organisation helps conserve wildlife habitats which in-turn helps save wildlife. They also focus on ending the unnecessary killings of animals and relocates animals such as wolves and bears. A lot of good information on this website about how to help defend our wildlife.
A lot of good info for male abuse survivors. As well as for people suffering from nightmares, anxiety and many other issues. As well as links for people who are in a relationship or need help understanding or helping someone in their life that has been abused.
The national riffle association. I am a gun owner. I am in the military and I am also a police officer. My guns will never be taken away from me. Need I say more?
Bracelets, necklaces and key-chains to help get you out of almost any situation. I support this organization and have many of their products. Durable and very useful. They also replace if you use your item. Check it out. Some of the proceeds go to the troops.