Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome to my Nightmare

  • This is an older poem I wrote a couple years ago. It's fitting lately so seems to be a good place to start this blog. First few post following this one may be "old". Just to build up a good foundation to start on. New material will be posted soon.

Welcome to my Nightmare...

Only the foulest of demons could have given their blessings

To this murky place in the bowels of fearful darkness

A netherworld spawned from the polluted womb of Hell

Where only snapping carnivores and darkest Death fare well

No army of mortal men would even dare think to tred in here

This land of graveyards which even the evilest of the evil fears

Oh, the snarling dogs of night, and perverse angels of darkest despair

The rank stench of forbidden evils is a permeation known everywhere

Dungeons of Death echo with cries, and the mocking laughter of Satan

As unfeeling dregs of darkness consummate the unholiest of known sins

The gurgling river of crimson blood flows beneath a bridge of sighs

While grotesquely winged serpents aimless flights blacken fire streaked skies

The burning sulfur is an acrid attack on both the lungs and senses

As it spews forth from the ground in clumps and raging torrents

Clinging to the littered remains of bleached bones of those beyond caring

As the blood curdling screams of the tortured sing their song of suffering

And gargoyles stand mute witness to the sights of foul, unholy debauchery

Meted out by the cruel, twisted, bony hands of long dead pagan deities

It is on this merciless plane that my nightmares forcibly torment me

Until I'm finally able to bolt upright awake ..... spent, gasping, and sweaty

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Great poem, and knowing some of your background, I get it and where it came from. Well written.