Monday, July 30, 2012

The Real You

  • Re-post from old blog fitting with possibly my next entry. or one soon to follow in the next few days at least. 

What did I miss?
What didn't I see?
I analyze what is in front of me,
I search for the soul of a person,
and I believe in what I feel from them.
What radiates from them must be right,
how wrong I am.

Looking at your photo I feel conflict,
who i thought you were,
you are not.
Who I wanted you to be even further from what was slapped into my reality.
Even who you showed is different from who you believe you are.

I had hoped for a different outcome,
but the reality and my hopes were shattered by who you were at the time.

Maybe you are a different person to what I saw.
But that's what you showed me
that is not my fault

It's over now, no turning back
no more chances,
the road has hit it's end.

Discussion is pointless
A reunion even less worthwhile.

I gave myself to you
To the you I thought you were
But that was not the real you
I don't know who the real you is.

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  1. It is so hard to realize that the person you have loved was not the person you thought they were at all. Even harder to realize that the one person you trusted above all others to not hurt you ends up hurting you the most. This poem describes exactly what I went through.