Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Would a Child Hate His Mother, Let Me Tell You the Reasons

Sooner or later I am sure you will be stalking my blog. There's no denying that you will find this blog and spread every rumor and impersonate people along the way. Its what YOU do because you are a low life codependent demon gutter-slut. So maybe after reading this a few dozen times it will stick in your head and will eat away at you. We all know you cant handle the truth so I'm sure it will eventually do some damage. You caused me and your son damage so its only fair to return the favor. Lets look at the reasons he now hates you and wants nothing to do with you ever again.

1. The day you told him you would never help him find his real birth father yet claimed to know where he was. All the while forcing him to keep a mans last name whom he had never met. Where he had to explain to the other children why he had a hyphenated last name.

2. How about our first fathers day together and you promised me it would be a day about me. Yet instead the cake he made for me you claimed as your own. I barely got a slice of that cake which was ok with me but it wasnt ok with him. Then as the day went on you kept interfering with the time me and him were supposed to have. Showing how selfish you really are. Then you ran off with him to help your friend who always cries wolf and yet again she was crying wolf and you ran to her "rescue". You knew it, I knew it and he knew it. Yet you ruined the day for both he and I. My first attempt at celebrating fathers day since my daughter passed away and his first real fathers day with a man that wanted to actually celebrate it.

3. There is also the time you hit him in the face for saying a cuss word yet it was ok for his brother that is also a child to say the cuss word as well as everyone else in your home. He had seen you hit me several times but that day he truly saw you for the violent hypocritical woman that you are.

4. How about the day I broke up with you and you threw a hissy fit, begging me to take you back and when that didnt happen you made up a ton of lies, spread them about and slandered my name. You then destroyed anything I ever gave you and also the things I gave him. You also spray painted white trash cock sucking faggot on my truck and slashed my tires. Easy to know it was you just from the handwriting but also he saw you do it. He saw you for the vindictive person you are that day.

5. Lets not forget how you pretended to be fulfilling his wishes and allowing him to have a father and spend time with me even though you and I weren't together. You pretended to go through all the motions and paperwork joyfully and talked about how wonderful it would be, for him to have a legal father. Then when you heard I wasnt going to work on our relationship you walked out of the court room without saying good bye to your own son. Not to see him again by your own choice. Calling him up a week later to tell him how much you hate him because hes just like me and how much of a failure he was because of a low quiz score.

6. How about all the missed visitation days. Broken promises of going to the park, going hiking, going to the lake and many other places. All the days he sat with his backpack packed excited that he would see his mother and spend time with her. The only person he had, known for his life. Only to be rejected and forgotten and maybe if you felt courteous enough you would call and make up some sorry excuse that he knew was a lie as to why you didnt make it to pick him up. Yet you were there for every single game and event of your other son. Would take your other son everywhere he wanted to go. Had a separate set of rules for that son. How they were treated as complete unequal. Not to mention all the photos you would post online the vary same day of you going to do said event with your other son instead of the one you promised it to and claimed you couldnt go.

7. The night at McDonalds when we ran into you and your boyfriend. The one you pretended not to know me or your own son in front of. The one you lied to and told you didnt have any children. When asked how long this man had been seeing you he replied 8 months.. thats 5 months during the time I was seeing you. That day your son learned you were a cheating whore that laid no claim to him. He learned he was an unwanted dirty secret.

8. Making him have the difficulty of answering the question of where his mom is and why she is never around anymore. Why he has a different last name suddenly and yet no mother. Making him have to question and find answers as to why his mother doesnt want him and why she would say she hates him.

9. The time you left him alone as a 9 year old defenseless little boy in a house full of men he did not know. Drunk men. Drug addicts. Men who taunted him and tried to teach him evil things. While you were upstairs getting laid by some stranger. Again he saw the slut you are that night. Too bad I didnt know beforehand... so much would have been prevented.

10. The time you kicked his puppy across the house. Then blamed its death a couple weeks later on him for not taking care of it. He loved that puppy with all of his heart and he took damn good care of it. He spoiled that puppy. You killed it then blamed it on your child. What kind of person does that? He sees now what kind of person would do that.

11. Theres the holidays you ruined over the years by causing this drama or that drama. Refusing to spend time over the holidays with him if he went with your father to celebrate. The times you wouldnt let your father come over and see him during the holidays. The gifts and cards he later found that you said never came. Yet his brother always got his on time. Same for birthdays and any other occasion. All the while making it look like his grandfather was the one who didn't love him.

12. Theres also the time you showed up at our home and pushed him and another child down and held a knife to your own son. Then he watched as you tried to attack his father with that same knife before you were carried away in handcuffs. Released not long after only to call him up and tell him how much trouble he was going to be in. Twisting all of your actions against him.

13. The time you left him alone on a school night to go out and party it up at the bar and get drunk and didnt come home till the next night. How he was left with your mother, whom is worse than you at times. After hiding in the closet scared for a few hours with all the screaming your mother did he walked 8 miles in the rain across a busy hwy to get to a safer place. My home.

14. How you forced a religion he did not understand on him, and he abbided to lead that kind of life style but you wouldn't allow him to be baptized. Yet you let his 15 yr old brother be baptized who was sleeping around with girls, smoke pot and had failing grades which he was only doing it for brownie points. But then again there is that double standard you had for the two of them. Not to mention the two you gave up. Lucky for them.

15. How you used him to help clean up all the hoarded things in your home. The rodent shit. The dead bugs. Cleaning a tick infested home with no air-con in 115 heat. Promising him you would pay him yet he didn't get anything but a cold happy meal and 10 bucks from you. How gracious right?

You know I could go on and on about the reasons your son has opened his eyes and seen what a horrible person you are and all the things you do that he does not support nor understand. Those are easy things to find. I don't have to look very far. These aren't even the worse things. But listing it all would take up way too much of my time. This already has taken up too much time. You already know these things too if you even took a second to look past your thick rotted skull. Thanks to you a little boy that shouldn't know hate yet... has learned that emotion from his very own mother. It will be a miracle when you are 100% out of his life. You will have your day in court and then you wont be able to damage this little boy any further than you already have. He will be 100% mine to love on and care for and show that he is worth something and very special person in this world and has the right to be treated equally and fairly. He has the right to be happy. I hope that he will grow up to be a great man without these deep seeded feelings of hate and internal scars that you have left. You will die a lonely old woman just like your mother. That boy you spoil now, if he even lives to see your dying bed he wont be around. Its all inevitable. You've made your bed and you will lay in it one day. And hopefully you will have the burden of understanding why your family nor friends want nothing to do with you at all. Oh well. Good bye and good riddance.

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  1. I wrote a post similiar to this just a few days ago about my own children and the relationship their father has chosen to not have with them. It's hard to believe that there really are people in this world that can hurt a child so deeply and never give it a second thought. I am glad he has you now. As I told you in a text message the other day "Your a sweet man and I am glad to have met you", now I can also say "Your a good man and I am glad your son has you"

    1. Yeah I read that post. It half inspired me to write this one along with the fact she felt the need to text and harass me for about 4 hours straight at the time. Nothing new on that last par though.

      Thanks :)

  2. After reading this post, my heart feels so very sad for all that you and this child had to endure at the hands of this despicable evil women. But, I am also happy that she is out of your life and this wonderful boy found a home and unconditional love with you. You are an amazing man for all that you have done for this child, he is so very lucky to have you.

    I look forward to following you along on your journey and I wish you all the happiness in the world.