Sunday, August 5, 2012

10 Things About me that you Could do Without Knowing

Because I'm sure I didn't tell you enough the first time in my about me section...

1.  I'm a simple person. I don't require much effort. I am very easily entertained and play nicely by myself. Rubber-bands appease me, and bring me a slice of key lime pie and you are golden. One of my favorite flowers happens to be a dandelion, so you don't even have to pay. I also love chrysanthemums it you rather spend some money. I like to hold hands, cuddle, and play footsie.

2.  My mind, on the other hand, is unequivacally complex. I range in emotions numerous times in the span of 15 minutes, each at the higher end of the looney toon scale. I prefer to brainstorm for hours on a prospect rather than pull it off with a sleight of hand. I take an hour or two to explain anything beyond the basicness of a grocery list. My mind is full of so many adjectives, if you were to peer at it through a microscope, I'm quite sure even God would be confused at what he found there. It is full of the most colorful landscapes, as if someone fingerpainted with all of the Crayola located in the Art department at Walmart, and added glitter to boot.

3.  I am ADD as hell. I'm like a chipmunk sucking crack rock (or whatever it is you do to crackrock.o.0). I bounce from one very involved project to another without a moments glance. My spare room is a display of this fact, with open paint jars and half finished puzzles, the book I decided I wanted to read, the radio still blaring. I crave change and spontaniety. I cut my own hair on a whim, whether I have to use dull scissors or not, and am apt to pack up my car with a days worth of crap, and head out until I wind up somewhere. If you had to color my aura, I don't think the scale would remain on a particular color for very long.  I am all over the place.  Like a kindergartner in a candyshop.  I fluctuate through my day, beginning anew every half hour or so.  I'm just a busy bee. I prefer to cram in as much crap as I can into 24 hours...and this often include the most out-there, mismatched things you could think of. Zoo. Walmart. Racetrac. Antique shopping.  Blowing bubbles and playing hopscotch. Hey! Let's go jogging. Then blow up some balloons just for the hell of it.  Trampoline looks fun.  Bubblebath.

4.  I'm an official looney tune. I don't particularly care what others think of me, so I let my mouth and body wander. I come up with the most off-the-wall shit to say, and as soon as it touches my tongue it is out out and away. Sometimes I'm a riot. I make fun out of any little thing. My sense of humor, sometimes childish, sometimes morbid, is always in full swing.  I can't sit still, and my teeth and tongue run a mile a minute. I am the most absurd person you will ever meet.  And I can't concentrate long enough to complete a task (unless it is work involved, because then I get paid) so...oftentimes laundry is clean, but not folded, dinner gets burnt, and I forget half of the shit on the grocery list. But I always come home with at least 3 items I have no use for. Apricots. Lampshades in the shape of geese. A dog chew toy. Zucchini.

5.  But in all this hippy craziness, I am very compartmentalized. I find the need to reign myself in and put all the priorities of mine into a box. Each requirement in a day is always at a certain time, and admist my whirlwind of activities, I stop so abruptly my sneakers screech and do that which must be done. If I don't, I freak out a little bit, because on top of it all, I am a perfectionist. Tasks that are essential, I go above and beyond on. I overstock.

6.  I am very passionate. I love immensely and hardcore. And I'll chase you around until you love me back. I have a need to be needed, and a need to be loved. My heart is huge, and friendship and/or a more romantic relationship I fill up until it is bulging. That is not to say I am overabundant in my presence. I believe that each relationship requires alone time. That is to say, that if I call you a friend, I mean it and it is not flippant. When you need me, I'm there wholeheartedly and official. I'm a giver. I find stupid little things that I know will make another happy, and give them out randomly. My friends have unbirthdays frequently, hosted by me, and provided with gifts and cookies and all things nice. I hand out actual starstickers to strangers because I am under the wholehearted belief that little things go a long way, and if I can make you smile by making a complete fool out of myself, I'm there.

7.  I'm very self-centered and not at all humble (although some people have said that I am, I dont see it). I think I'm just the bees knees. The cat's pajamas. I have a high opinion of myself....and treat myself with just as much respect as I treat others. I do things simply to make myself feel good. I take long bubblebaths instead of doing the dishes. I buy Febreeze just because the smell makes me happy. I find that I, too, try to thrust myself into the center of everything that is going on. I'm apt to blurt out my thoughts before you have finished yours. Not to be rude. It's just an honest to God tick that I have. I can't help it.

8.  I love the child in me. I love playing board games, hide and seek, going on the swings and slides at the park, doing puzzles, blowing up balloons, dressing up for Halloween, stickers, fingerpaints....anything that makes me feel youthful.  I tell knock knock jokes. I make a huge mess when I eat an icecream sundae. I love Lucky Charms, and if I find the toy in the bottom of the box, I'm keeping it.

9.  Music is an interpretation of my soul. I find my story in the lyrics of so many songs.  I am glad that I have the ability to sing and play instruments, because when I listen to music, I feel it in my veins.  It runs through me and means so much. It is essential to my life.

10.  I write because I need to, not because I want to. My mind is so full of everything, whether it be the trivial items of day to day living, or the fullfledged, dynamic acrobatic stunts that it likes to go through every 10 mintues or so, that at some point, it needs a dumping ground. This is it. Don't you feel lucky?

-scampers off to do something random-

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