Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reawakening Attempt #two. Fail #three.

Poems new and old that I have written. These actually have a connection and posted in chronological order of events.

Snaking through the valley of heart
Emotion filled waves kissing the shore
Crystallized tears glistening in the sun

Fragments of sorrow puddling on the surface
Cascading gracefully through narrow crevices
Tiny droplets cresting and rippling away

Despair washing away with the tide
Misery halting at the waterside
Anguish swallowed by the angry swell

Muddy banks whisper with grains of soul
Murky waters begin to surge with depth
From swollen river awakens pure heart
Lifeless lips pale and blue Lungs collapsing, gasping for air
Suffocating, as body grows limp
Slowly dieing, death now consuming
Soul fading, and eyes drifting away
Light diminishing, as darkness settles
The walls are crumbling, and we start tumbling
Blood soaked heart, slowly getting ripped apart
Emotions in a bind, but you can't see your to blind
Painted the picture very clear, my eyes they show the fear
The mass destruction you cause, never makes you stop and pause
Trying to salvage on my own, but you don't see I can't alone
One day it will all be to late, and you will meet your darkest fate
For I'm tired of walking this emotional mile,as you sit idle deep in denial
Growing tired of being locked away
A deep will to live encased his soul

Strength never thought to be found
Now reigning inside him like a beautiful light

The heavy chains that once held him captive
Now slowly falling to the ground

Strings tied tightly controlling his every move
Now delicately snapping one by one

The greenest eyes now gleaming with hope
As courage and strength illuminate inside him

He now has the key to unlock his chains
His wings soon will spread, and he will fly

He will.. Break free
Perched near headstone
Weeping from swollen eyes
Tears trace a tender cheek

Breath exhaled from trembling lips
Words spoken in fragile voice
Cries reaching out to pale blue sky

Emotions fleeting a tattered heart
Burdens escaping from tormented soul
Warmth now touching flushed skin

One last tear falls to the earth
As comfort embraces somber woes
And gentle kissed fingers press headstone

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Brutal Telling from the Wings of a Reawakened Dark Angel by Jay Fallen (JAF) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


  1. Beautiful work. I especially like the last one, I have been there and done that one so many times.

  2. I always love reading your poems hun. :)