Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random updates

So I haven't really updated anyone on my life lately so I guess I'll do that now. As most of you know I went in to the hospital around the 28th. Before I went in, I was already expecting to have surgery on some stuff on the 31st. I went in early advised by my Dr. due to very bad pain. That following Thursday they decided they would do the procedure then instead of waiting till the morning. Everything went good. Was in a lot of pain and still am. Probably will be for a while I guess. Everyone is on my case right now because they think I'm doing too much yet not doing the things I should be doing. Can't make anyone happy I suppose.

My sons are getting into their sports now. The little one, I'm not sure you can call it a sport yet. It's more like 20 little toddlers running around confused on the field chasing and kicking a ball for no apparent reason, known to them. Its rather cute and annoying all at the same time. The older one, he's been doing good in football. He's primarily playing corner back and wide receiver. Occasionally he has been playing the Right defensive tackle. He is surprisingly good for his first time playing football, especially on a team of boys that have played for a few years. He's on first string, meaning he plays during most of the game and starts on the first play. Pretty proud of him :) His first game is tomorrow at 4pm!!! Woot GO WILDCATS!!! The boys have also been good in school for the most part. Little one got in trouble and got a color change last week. Apparently he thought it was fun to do back-flips off of a chair. WHAT!? Yeah that's what the teacher told me... I'm curious why she wasn't watching him in the first place so he wouldn't get on a chair and attempt that? She's watching like what? 12 kids? In a pretty small room. Mine isn't one to just climb a chair and jump out of it, he would have gotten everyone's attention first. She could have stopped it in my opinion. Luckily he didn't get hurt. I have spoken to him though and laid down some rules. Besides that he's making good grades, not much homework for him, if any yet. My older one he hasn't been in trouble yet. I finally got his schedule fixed up. They had it all messed up. He was in Spec Ed Classes that he didn't really need. Was taken out of Drama and football. Was put in some study class and basically had the same teacher all day and no fun classes ALL year. I fixed that, hes in drama and football now. We kept one Spec ed class for now. We got diff teachers and the level of classes hes supposed to be in with modification on papers if need be. Oh and got him back into the early morning mass since they thought he didn't need that either apparently and stuck him in some survival class. WTF? Hes making good grades and is now happy with his classes.

As most of you also know I went to court this past Tuesday over custody of my older boy, Mattheu, the football player. The one thats not biologically mine and all that, mentioned in previous blogs. Didn't think his mother would show up since she has told me countless times that she was not going to show and didn't care. She was roughly 2 hours late but they still let her in since our case had not come up on the docket yet. She presented all of this BS about how I was mean to her, how I was a queer (which isnt  exactly true), how I treat Mattheu badly and don't let him do anything he wants, how I cheated on her, how I was the one that didn't let her see Mattheu and blah blah blah, none of which was true. Was easily dis-proven since it wasn't even solid evidence. I presented evidence about how she physically attacked us both and another child basically which I had a police report on. How she is fking 4 different men, all behind each other's backs, had solid evidence on that. How she calls and harasses both me and Mattheu, solid evidence there too. How she was truely truly the one that never came to see him or pick him up. Among other shit shes done over time. The court got tired of all the drama basically and for now gave her Supervised visitation atleast once a month but not to exceed twice a month,which she must set up with Mattheu. Basically he has to decide he wants to see his mother, then he must call her and set it up and she agree. Or vice versa IE her calling him and setting it up and agree blah blah blah. They then have to give who ever supervises 3 days notice of this taking place. I'm supposed to appoint someone to supervise. Havent decided who but I'm pretty certain who it will be. She also has to pay $237 a month for child support. I have to put him on my insurance and she has to pay $43 dollars of that. She also has to pay 50 dollars for some back-pay shit of $1896 that she owes from the agreement we previously had which she did not meet the requirements of helping with any costs of him nor see him for the 8 months the back-payassault charges and some neglect charge. The boy told me he does not want to see her. He had originally said he wanted to when I started the case back in June but now he does not. So hes a bit upset but he doesn't have to see her if he does not want to, so that is good at-least.

That's pretty much it for now. I had more to write about but not much is coming to mind anymore and I have some stuff to do I think. SSgt. Ricochet, out!

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  1. Oh Jay, if I were only there to supervise those visits! Trust me the bitch wouldn't get anything past me and I doubt she could stand up to my sarcasm for long, a couple of times and she would be begging for those visitations to stop. But I'm still mad at you for not telling me you were in the hospital!

  2. Yeah I'm sure. Although she got the hell beat out of her by a friend of mine. A friend who is a MMA/cage fighter with registered hands. For leaving marks on my friends child. It didn't teach her anything.
    She was supposed to show up to his football game the day after this post was posted. She was at the bar with some guy instead. She posted video and tagged herself on fb at the same time his game was. Just proved she doesn't care. She hasn't contacted me or him (which is a blessing really) since court. Except for an email where she went on about how I broke her heart and shit. I guess we will see if she shows tomorrow at his game. I doubt it. The court will be hearing about that. Since it was outlined in the parental plan that she would be at ALL of his games.

    I guess I could have texted you to tell you I was in the hospital lol. I posted it ALL over facebook though. I'll text you next time :)