Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rant and sarcasm now in progress

This is a rant... Turn away now if you don't want to hear ranting, cursing and so on. You HAVE been warned!

We will need a key for who the people in this post are... So I will go ahead and post that now...

My friend/good ex gf o.O= Cyanide
Her mom= The Hypocrite
Her step-prick I mean step-dad= The Drunk
Her baby's sperm donor= SD
My bestie= Vladimir
The besties sister= Siberia
ex love interest = Mushroom Man
The evil ex/Mattheu 's "mom"= Demon Seed Whore
My lil' brother= Tatted man

There we go... now rant can begin....
So it seems the two morons have reared their ugly heads again. Most of you all may not know about this ugly relationship I have here but it exists. Let me explain for those of you that do not know. So Cyanide and I have been friends for quite some time now, a few years. I guess there was some secret interest there for a while, who knows. She was dating Vladimir, for some time, didn't go too well for various reasons that have nothing to do with this. She was Siberia's best friend for a long time too but that also went south for various reasons not needed to be put into this. After those two things went south Cyanide dated SD and had a baby and blah blah blah, that went bad too but yet again not the point. So after all those bad things me and cyanide kinda started talking and for whatever reason, its all kind of foggy, we ended up dating. She lives about 4 hours away so seeing eachother was a little difficult at times. We knew it would be like that but we were fine because both just out of bad relationships, her with SD and me with Demon Seed Whore. Cyanide and I figured she would be moving back up towards Dallas in the near future but things weren't making that move easy. She had to switch jobs, had no where to go, no one to watch the baby since she had cut ties with basically everyone that could have helped her in Dallas. So eventually we broke it off cause it was bad timing and things just weren't going well. Now, things probably could have worked out if only The hypocrite and The Drunk, kept their noses out of things. Our relationship started sometime in December of 2011. I had just had a procedure done to check out some things on my insides. Had a bit of a scare there but all was good. I set up my surgery for my neck sometime in January. So we knew those dates for meeting up were bad and the time around it wasn't that great. We knew I would be out of town like usual for holidays but I would try to see her. When I was in town in December, cause originally my surgery was supposed to be in December. The surgery got moved for whatever reason I don't remember why now, but I said well since im here why don't I come down and see you. Cyanide was like OK cool lets meet up. I guess she told the hypocrite and the drunk and so on, that I was coming. Pretty sure they already hated me by now just because that's how they are. The drunk was talking shit about me already, I don't remember about the hypocrite but its possible she was too. Anyways, on my way there I got a call saying Tatted man had been in a bad wreck and was care flighted to the hospital and I needed to get there since everyone else was out of town on vacation and my dad couldn't get a flight for a few more hours. I contacted cyanide upset because of tatted man and because I couldn't see her. She said it was ok and she understood and that family was most important. Tatted man was hurt pretty bad, he was in a coma and on a respirator and so on for about a week. Started bringing him off of the respirator the following week and then he was ok for the most part. Yet The Drunk felt the need to call me a liar and say that tatted man wasn't in a coma and so on and started shit like usual. The hypocrite basically agreed. Apparently I was only allowed barely even one chance with these people. Cyanide and I tried to meet up a couple other times without telling them, nothing was set in stone. I didn't really even want to go because of all the shit talking that I was getting. I wasnt even going to be allowed near her baby according to the hypocrite and the drunk. Cyanide was ok with letting me near him but they werent. Apparently a 23 year old isnt allowed to make decisions about her own child. I think the time I was supposed to come down but wasn't set in stone I was just in too much pain from surgery to come down. There may have been another time, when I had just gotten Mattheu and no one could watch him and our days off wouldn't align with school and all of that so it just couldn't happen but wasnt set in stone anyways. The one other time that was set in stone, a family member of mine died. I had to fly out of town to attend the funeral. Was alot of family drama with that, as always when someone dies. It can never be peaceful -.-. The hypocrite decided I was lying and that I was just going to have some birthday bash instead. Really? I'm going to claim someone VERY close to me died, so I can go off and have a birthday bash? REALLY?! Wow! Glad I'm that twisted of a person. -eye roll- So after all of this and all the things the hypocrite and the drunk were saying, it was just taking a toll on us both. Arguments and things being put in our minds without our control basically and so on. With the background I have of being abused and growing up with an alcoholic stepfather and so on, it was just too difficult for me to force myself to be around those kind of people and still progress with my healing. Against my will I had to break it off with Cyanide. Might have been kind of mutual. Maybe not. IDFK. Thought that might make the hypocrite and the drunk happy till cyanide was able to move. NOPE! They were even more critical of me. Many months later and they still haven't shut up because we are still friends.

Now that you have the main background, lets proceed to the rant. Oh you thought that was the rant? Noooo it wasn't. This is. So you may wonder why I call the hypocrite, the hypocrite... Well Ms hypocrite seems to identify herself with being a Christian. She seems to think playing even a simple game with blood and some little imaginary demon creatures in it will invoke demons to come INFEST her house :o. She has attempted to push religion on people last I checked and blah blah blah holy holy. Now with that said, She wants to judge others. Not only that, she wants to judge others she has never met. She wants to point her fingers where hers are not clean. She wants to cast stone and accuse sin, when she has also sinned. She wants proof but wont stfu or give a chance to even let it be presented. She doesnt want demons infesting her house yet shes married to one in my opinion. She wants to say cyanide is a bad mother and that cyanide hates her little boy because she gets tired and irritated once and a while, yet dont all of us parents? Especially single parents?! I know I do. I guess that makes me hate my children too? Yet she wants to say these things about cyanide when the hypocrite herself was not a good mother in my eyes. She left her 15 or 16 yr old to be "cared" for by people she did not like and to basically fiend for herself in the world just so the hypocrite could go be married to some perverted drunk who likes to hit on her daughter. She let her son be strip searched just because something went missing in the house, when in all likely-hood some drunk misplaced the "missing" item. She lets some drunk man talk shit about her daughter and everyone else on the planet probably including her. I wouldn't let anyone say half the things he says to my children. EVER. I dont care WHO they are, my children wouldn't be spoken to in that way. Which brings up another point. Apparently the hypocrite thinks cyanide and the baby shouldn't be around me because I "already took a child away from its momma". Really? Took? More like the mother didn't want shit to do with the child, pawned it off to me when hes not even related to me and then the courts said I could have him because I'm a better parent. Also apparently I was cheating with demon seed whore, while in a relationship with cyanide. Really? HAHAHAHA WOW! I didnt touch that THING during 7 months of the 9 month relationship with demon seed whore. (And lets set the record clear...I didn't touch anyone or talk to anyone in any way sexual/intimate or flirtatiously during cyanide and I's relationship other than Mushroom Man, who was out of the country, which cyanide was fully aware of everything that went on there, was purely flirtatious at that time and was part of an idea/plan that us three had at the time but that's none of hypocrites business.) Anyways, its apparently my fault that demon seed whore stalked me and still did up till about a week ago, and probably will resume such behavior soon. Apparently I also provoked demon seed whore into breaking into my community and where she then attacked her own son, pushed another child and attacked me with a knife. Really? I provoked that? What kind of world do you live in? Being that I could provoke such a thing I guess it only makes sense to think I provoked her into going to a football camp when I was out of town and leaving a hand print on my sister in laws child's face? I suppose I provoked her to say such rude things as she did to cyanide. Provoked her to call up her own son and tell him she hates him. Provoked her to stay up all night and send text messages non stop when I'm not responding to her. provoked her to call me and leave max length voice-mails YELLING at me until my voicemail box was full. I supposed I provoked her to yell at my friends because she was jealous when we WERE NOT together. Did I provoke her to yell at people neither of us truly even know/knew just because they talked to me? I provoked her to stalk people I dated too didnt I? I guess I provoked her so much that the courts still took my side and told her, her evidence was a load of crap and to quit bringing up false shit before she would be held for false reports as well as having her rights to her child completely took away. I guess if I'm so good at provoking people and so manipulative then I must have provoked and manipulated my ex step father to choke slam and continue choking me on the bed when I was barely 3 years old. Must have provoked him to beat on me and my family for the next 12 years following that time. Must have provoked him to fist fight my brother and stab the other. Must have provoked him to beat me with in an inch of my life at the age of 15 to where the ambulance had me listed as an African American. Must have provoked someone to attempt to kill my brother which in-turn eventually ended my daughters life. Hell maybe I'm SOOOO manipulative that I provoked Bin Laden to attack the USA. Just maybe I'm so manipulative that I also provoked the cover up last year where 22 of my friends were killed overseas. Wow theres just so many damn things in this world that I could have provoked cause I'm just THAT manipulative! The possibilities are endless! Watch out Ms. Hypocrite you never know who or what I will manipulate next!!!

Now that we've made it clear that I'm apparently a manipulative bastard, I don't even have the capability to rant about the drunk anymore. It's just too ridiculous. Those of you that know the situation would understand lol. Now I'm supposed to go pick up cyanide at the beginning of next month. Neither me nor Siberia are very welcome near the home, I'm rather sure Vladimir wouldn't be welcome either for various reasons. So either way there will be drama no matter who goes, or how its done. They don't have much reason to hate Siberia either to my knowledge. They haven't met her either, yet seem to have concocted up some reason to talk bad about her and tell cyanide she doesn't need to be around her. Not really a reason to hate Vladimir either but that's a whole other story. If the drunk is in town then its likely the drama will be amplified one way or another. Been talk of all kinds of things even ranging to the possibility of concealed guns by the possible convict/the drunk since he likes to use that tactic apparently. Will be very interesting I'm sure. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. So does this mean for now on I get to blame you for everything that goes wrong in my life?

  2. Sure why not? Everyone else does lol. Especially this hoe.