Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cryptic Chaos

A little bit of random posting... Maybe I'll call it Fallen's Cryptic Chaos Blog since I do this kind of often lately and probably will in the future...some people might read this that shouldn't be reading it -.- as well as out of respect for others I won't be using names or code names that are obvious.

♪♫ Always take the optimistic approach. Being negative and pessimistic gets you nowhere-except for the city limits of misery and underachievement

♪♫ Sometimes things just feel right. Sometimes things might feel right-but in the real world, there’s always a possibility that too many outside issues and previous decisions have been made for it too ACTUALLY be right

♪♫ I don’t want my thoughts exaggerated or misconstrued. I was at one past time concerned about someone. I am not currently concerned about said someone

♪♫ Belgium?

♪♫ We're friends. Yet you've let me down more than once in the past few months. I had forgiven you. Now you've let my son down and have excuses for it all. Simple things to prevent this. Common sense. Learn to communicate and say what you fking mean instead of saying half of it and leaving out the important details. You say you're going to do something then do it. Say you're going to do something but on a diff day, then make that clear! Obviously not mature enough for certain things. Not sure why I've continued trying so long to be in your life. Pretty much done with it all. I have enough bs in my life. I don't need someone to babysit and try to mind read them as well.

♪♫ Awesome ☲ !!!!!!!

♪♫More difficult to get rid of certain pain then I thought it would be at this stage... Grrr Healing needs to happen faster so certain other things can happen faster and less negative feelings will exist about said things.

♪♫Grapefruit. It's yummy in many different forms. haha.

♪♫Fatal grace needs to begin being fatal and graceful in my mind-.-

♪♫That reminds me I DESPISE a certain Grace that tends to appear out of nowhere....

♪♫Stripey Bright colors O_o

♪♫I need a thing or two again. But feels so wrong. Would forget about it but I kind of promised I wouldn't. It can wait a little though.

This was supposed to be longer but that is all I have for now... have a good night/morning everyone.

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