Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hmm lets try this shit.....shit I hate sunday with rockin mama....

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Cause we all need a little venting to 
complete strangers from time to time.
It's like therapy but free.

★Shit I hate... Waking up in pain and not being able to move for a few hours because my neck or shoulder is locked up.

★Shit I hate... Negative people. They are able to take the most positive thing ever and find fault with it. Why dont they all just fall in hole and save everyone else some trouble.

★Shit I hate... People that abuse other people. Are they really that dissatisfied with their lives that they have to make other people miserable? Or are they just that sick that they get off on it all? They need to be took out to some field, have the things they have done, done to them... then killed -.-

★Shit I hate... The phrases "get over it"... "move on"... "let go"..."grow up and be a man"... quit living in the past".... Bitch I will let go and get over it in my own fking time and if someone has a problem with that then get to trucking cause I don't need your input. I'm doing my best and at the end of the day it dosent matter whos happy with that, as long as I am! And you know what... I AM!!!!

★Shit I hate... My ex. Well a few of my ex's. I've forgiven them yeah... but the one that can't take care of her children and pawns them off on other people. She is a major bitch. She has ruined her childrens lives. She lives in denial. Shes codependent. Did I mention shes a bitch? Shes very verbally and emotionally abusive. Shes on the verge of physical and sexual abuse if not already who knows for sure unless youre a professional. Shes a slob. She's a waste of space and good air. She doesn't work and hasnt in over a year when she is VERY capable. Its always a oh feel sorry for me story when there is no REAL reason for anyone to feel sorry for her.

★Shit I hate... Someone eating my last lemon. I love lemons. I want a lemon every few days if not sooner with salt.... Lots of salt. I want to gnaw it off the rine. But when someone in this house that doesn't even eat them goes into the fridge, takes my LAST lemon, slices it in half, squeezes it into some liquid substance that isnt even good with lemon and then wastes half of the liquid substance and throws the other half of the lemon away...well that irritates the fk out of me... at least drink the whole drink and put the other half in the fridge in a ziplock... geez!!!!

★Shit I hate... Running out of biofreeze...Or worse... getting biofreeze in your eye.... that shit sucks.

★Shit I hate... Tax free weekend when all the Mexicans come out of the wood works and bring their unruly children to EVERY store in the area and let them climb and run and scream and fling things all about the store. Now I am not racist but it seems to me in my area that when I go ANYWHERE during tax free weekend... all i see is Mexicans. I love Mexicans, some of my best friends are Mexican. But seriously... learn to control your fking children. Oh they dont like it when you wander by them and whisper "deportation".... they scatter like a bunch of roaches under a light bulb.  Welcome to Texas.

★Shit I hate... Emotions... they cause me alot of problems lately. I am an emotional man I cant help that but lately it has not helped me. 

★Shit I hate... People that don't listen. They say they want to know something about something. You try to tell them they don't listen. They say they want to help with this or that... you try to talk to them so they can help and they don't listen. Try to have a conversation at all with some people that supposedly care...they don't listen... These people take up too much of my valuable time. 

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  1. Oh, a venting post. Perfect! We all need to vent sometimes! Blogging helps me with that.