Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shit I hate sunday

Ok so Rockin' Mama isnt around this sunday it seems but that doesnt mean I cant do this "shit I hate Sunday" thing.... I wasnt going to do it but theres some Shit I hate... going on lately.... I wont link up to her blog this week unless she appears and posts a linky. Anyways.... Lets get this shit fest started....

★Shit I hate... My ex girlfriend... just a couple more weeks and she is GONE FOREVER FROM MY LIFE! THANK GOD!!! If I'm lucky she will die from whatever is supposedly wrong with her and then I wont have to even worry about any attempt at ruining my life and having to call the cops on her every other week. Seems cruel but its really not -.-

★Shit I hate... Those little toothpaste speckles you make when you brush your teeth in front of the mirror. Make the bathroom look more dirty than it really is and they smear when trying to clean them off so its not a mindless task -.-

★Shit I hate... MY sink is blue when its supposed to be oh I dont know, marble colored. It happened over a week ago; I was leaning over the sink, brushing my teeth, when I noticed that there was a sort of light patina that had seeped over most of the surface. Matheua has the chore of cleaning the bathroom counters, sinks and mirrors. He hasn't mentioned anything about this. Why he hasn't is that he's obviously tried to clean the sink with, well, I don't know, some fluid used for stripping entrenched crustacean colonies from the hulls of submarines or something.

★Shit I hate... Fibromyaglia.... I dont need to explain this one.

That's all for now I will add more to this later probably. I have things I suddenly need to do.

New part added on after taking my best friends mom to the hospital and stay there admitted myself as well...

★Shit I hate... Hospitals... and Dr's that treat you like you're a child and like you're stupid. Some of mine apparently need anger management classes -.-

★Shit I hate... People that don't say you're welcome when you say thank you to them.

★Shit I hate... People that say they want to help people so they become nurses but they act like major bitches and yell at their patients for no real reason.

★Shit I hate... People that think they are better then everyone else on the planet basically when they are really trashy alcoholics and druggies. One particular bastard thinks he can sing and play guitar, he cant' really. He thinks hes good role model... ha that's a far cry from the truth. It seems to me he rather lay around on his ass all day, drink beer and smoke weed while annoying the fuck out of his family instead of getting off his ass and supporting them like a real man. He's fully capable of doing so last I checked.. he just doesn't seem to want to very badly. Yet wants to tell his wife's daughter that shes a ad mother... HA! Stupid cocky moron with no brains.

★Shit I hate... Auto-Correct on my phone. It types some weird shit and half the time I don't notice till I hit send. Its almost not very nice when you're in the hospital doped up basically, on Morphine.... Scary shit happens with Auto-Correct in that situation.

★Shit I hate... People that think they know everything and don't listen. They don't listen and do what they want about a situation then get pissed when it doesn't work to their liking.

★Shit I hate... People that complain about privacy between friends. I get it if its something real personal but if someone picks up a friends phone and reads one text. A text that says basically nothing private, nothing too personal, and nothing important really. Then what right do you have to flip the fuck out over that? I see none. Especially when said person who the phone belongs to, was a sleep. Also the person that picked up the phone was said persons GF and has a right in my mind to go through her BF's phone, not that she was even doing that. Also even worse when the person flipping out has told people very private things to other people, have lets several past texts be read by people and so on... Don't bitch about something unless your own hands are clean -.-

★Shit I hate... Promises, when they are broken. Men and women that can't keep their word. If you're going to tell someone you're going to do something then do it. If something comes up explain it and do said thing asap, instead of making excuses for days or weeks on end. If you aren't going to do something or not sure you can then don't tell someone you are going to do it in the first place. I don't care who the person is, child, adult, elderly adult, its going to hurt them if you don't keep your promises to them. After a while it makes them lose trust for you and not to believe anything you tell them even if you are being honest. Trust is one of he hardest things to get back once its lost, so be careful with it. Sometimes it can never fully be regained.

★Shit I hate... Being too cold. Cold makes my body hurt worse. It makes my fibromyalgia act up and makes everything hurt 10 times worse. I rather be too hot than too cold. Too hot I can always remove layers of clothes... too cold, I don't always have enough extra clothes to put on.

I think that's about it for now. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right this minute. I'm still in the hospital and will be for a few more day at least until Friday evening I'm sure. I need to go get some rest. I couldn't get much sleep or rest last night or today yet. I've had too much stress from life issues with people along with stress from the nurses I had last night and one of my Dr's being an asshole and yelling at me and so on. I've been in too much pain lately too but I got a self administering drug pump thing so that helps so basically only have to rely on people to get me nausea med's and to change the Morphine vial out when its empty. A few more tests left to do then I'll know more of what the plan is for things. Thanks for reading. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you so wish.

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