Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving- Days 20 & 21

Continuing my 30 day Thankful list... I will update daily-ish. Also as usual I am not using real peoples names. If you want to know who someone in my blog is, refer to the list of people on my "about this blog" tab at the top of this page. The list is at the bottom. If you know me you will understand the list, otherwise you probably will not. You are welcome to ask but I reserve the right not to answer. Anyways lets get on with this since I'm way behind. Y'all can play along too.... each day of November you just post what you are thankful for... simple as that.

Day 20: I am thankful for my crock pot... Sounds silly maybe, but, boy, does it come in handy. Throw a bunch of foodstuffs in there, turn it on, go to bed or to work or for a workout, get up or come home, and oila! Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner's ready! Makes awesome food without all of the work of watching over it. Very helpful when I feel like hell....cause you know my kids have to eat and I can't always slave over a stove or oven for an hour or two.

Day 21: I am thankful for BMFB. We have an odd relationship, he came into my life when I was a little boy. He was roughly 20 or something like that. He became sort of a father figure/role model to me. We were always "hanging out". As we both grew and learned more about life he taught me self respect and confidence and love for others. He has always been there for me from the day we met. He has never left me. Even when I turned my back on the world and told everyone to fuck off and die basically. He was still trying to be there for me. (one or two other people were there for me too in that time but I have spoken about them before in my blog and have thanked them before) There's not a day that we don't speak either in person, by text or by phone call. I have heard from him every day of my life for the past 25 years. I hope that continues for another 25+ years. Through the years he went from a father figure to a best friend/ brother. He is still a role model to me though. We both have our own lives and life has taken us in similar yet different paths but we always make time for each other and look out for each other and protect each other  At work and in our personal lives. I am thankful he was there for me last night, not sure what the outcome would have been without him. Granted it wasn't the best outcome as it was but would have been worse without him. I know he hates me at times and doesn't want to be around me but still accepts me and helps. I know he always will, because he loves me and I love him. I am very happy to have him in my children's lives and help guide them in life when I can not or when I need some help. Thank you bro!

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