Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Very Little Point to this Holiday

I don't really celebrate Valentines day. Whether in a relationship or not. If you love someone or care about them it should be shown everyday, not once a year. When I was younger I would celebrate the day but as I grew up I realized it was pointless. Its just a way for stores to make money on overpriced items. Look around, candy at Walmart for instance, on a normal given day you can buy a bag of reese's for 2-3 bucks or less... yet if you want to buy 5 or 6 reese's in a heart shaped container... it costs 5-6 bucks. What kind of shit is that? Same with other candies. Same with flowers... they go up 5-10 bucks at least for the same quality and quantity of flowers. Similar at other stores too.

I shouldn't be "forced" or manipulated into buying flowers, candy, writing love letters, and whatever else people do on that day. If I want to express those things or do those things I should be able to do it any day of the year and I will. I will do it because I want to do it not because everyone else is doing it or I am told to. Should be able to show romance and love every day of the year. You can go out somewhere nice to eat or stay in and make that romantic every day of the year, same with writing letters, leaving notes, making things for each other, buying small gifts, giving massages, etc, things couples should do.

I also remember being younger and seeing others get gifts and affection on this day and I or my friends would be single...left out and alone. Very sad for them sometimes... After seeing that my friends and I would go and buy gifts and hand them out at school to the ones that didn't have a gift. These kids were usually the loners anyway... so it was nice to see them happy for once. Made some good friends that way but it shouldn't have been at the expense of that day.

Love should be shown every day because life is short at best. We do not truly, need special days to show the people we love how we feel. Communication is key. I don't need to spend money on someone to show them I love them. Love can't be bought. If you think it can, then you don't know what love is.

The true meaning of this holiday doesn't even exist anymore, most don't even know the history. The St Valentine guy, married couples that were not allowed to marry based on religion and so forth... he was found out to be doing this and then later killed. We should be celebrating his life and what he did if it must be a holiday... not spending money and forced to show love and leaving others out. If anything this holiday should be for married couples to find romance again if it was lost. Remind them that they are lucky to be married. And maybe to take a specific time to help others less fortunate but then again that should be done regularly if that is on your list of to do things.

So on that note, Happy Valentines day to anyone that celebrates it. And remember to show love everyday. Creative Commons License
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