Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Plan to repair my life in this new year of 2014

font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif;">I think I’m going to try this resolution thing this year. Or at least make a list of things I want to work on. Sort of like goals but things I know won’t be completely changed most likely but effort can be put towards.

❇ Work on my relationship with God.

 Try to enjoy my job more, like I used to. Realize that I may not always be the hero I think I am but that I have been to some and I will continue to be. 

 Work on certain friendships. Be more social or willing to be more social. 

 Continue to work on avoiding addiction. And maintaining my emotions properly.

❇ Work on rebuilding my confidence.

 Start back on my eating and workout plan to keep my body healthy and in good shape for work and appealing to who it is supposed to be that way for. 

 Work on making a decision on a person... While maintaining a healthy relationship with others, that each involved can be happy with. 

 Work on being the best dad I can be once again, I have slacked on that some and it has hurt my children in various ways.

 Work on a better self-esteem again to help my confidence and weaken my fears once again. 

Try to work on letting go of my past. It might define me but it does not control me. If I am looking at the past I can't look to see what is in my future and miss good things.

 Work on being more involved in my extended family again, I've withdrawn from them this year or so, and I realize time is precious and fragile. 

 Possibly try to go back to school and either finish a degree that I never really thought I would or further on one that I do have now. 
 Try to be more patience with different people that deserve my patience and havent received as much as they should. While also taking some of my patience away from others that are getting more than deserved. 

 Try to love more freely and openly again without being scared of everything. Trust. Don't think too deeply about each move. 

 Try not to fight my recovery as much as I have at some points. Let it help me. Let others be involved if they truly wish. 

 Start saving more of my money as I had been doing for years up until the past year and a half. 

 Try not to get so frustrated with myself and others as easily as I have been doing. Since it is only hurting all involved. 

 Try not to rely on certain people in my life as much as I have been doing. They have their own issues and I rely on their help too much for me to make true progress. It also causes privacy issues and insecurity at times.

 Take a vacation that is possibly on a whim and separate from the normal ones (which haven't even been taken in a year or two either). Something to give me a break and enjoy time with my children at the least. Give them more experience and myself time to reflect and relax, away from electronics and the concrete jungle we all live in now.
I think that is good for now. I want to try to remember to come back to this at the end of this new year and see what I changed or made good progress on and what is lacking. I hope to make a good change this year and for it to stick. I want to regain control of my life and be happy once again. Something I have not truly had for very long, in a long time. I deserve to be happy, loved, healthy and enjoy life and that is what I intend to do. 

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