Monday, April 28, 2014

Our twins first few days

Yesterday, Two-Flowers gave birth to our beautiful twin's. One boy and one girl... J.A.F and R.A.F! They were 8 weeks early but are doing well. R.A.F has a feeding tube cause she refused to eat at first. Both have ivs. R.A.F also had a breathing mechanism cause she was refusing to breathe properly (for no reason, shes healthy), shes just on oxygen now though. Both are doing amazingly. Better than I expected honestly.

Today has started off pretty good. We woke up around 4:45 a.m. I wanna thank Aric for the donuts at 5 a.m. this morning! Much appreciated. Was good seeing little P.M.M and T.B.M as well, missed the others. I went home for about an hour to get fresh clothes and make sure the others were off to school. Came back to the hospital. Saw my babies. R.A.F was a little cranky from them trying to get her to eat...since shes been showing signs of wanting to feed and being able to suck, they are trying more often. At first we were thinking her sucking muscles weren't developed at all really but she took the the pacifier that the hospital gave her. She decided she would try a little formula around 8 a.m I'm not sure she likes it too much but she did eat so that makes me a happy daddy. We think shes having a hard time coordinating on how to drink and breathe at the same time. J.A.F inhaled his bottle and has ate 3 times today that I know of. He has a hard time getting started but once he gets started that bottle is gone. He is considered normal status but technically still in the nicu so he will be able to stay for a couple weeks. R.A.F is in the nicu still under nicu status. Waiting to see if she continues to feed. Trying in a few minutes to see if she will take some more formula. She isn't very happy with this having to eat thing lol. She was spoiled inside of mommy I guess, getting food when ever she wanted and not having to eat it herself haha.

Both still have i.v's. to get extra minerals/vitamins they need that isn't included in the formula we insisted on using. They said its a good formula but premies need different nutritional needs than a full term baby. Since they decided to put one in each in order to keep a line for blood tests instead of having to poke them almost daily. They are thinking about switching R.A.F feeding tube to the IV method in order to make her more comfortable and maybe see if she will be able to breathe and drink better at the same time. Also its getting in the way of the oxygen they have her on at times since shes been stubborn and likes to hold her breathe or "forgets" to breathe when she focuses on something else. Also when that is gone they will let us hold her more often and take her out of the nursery a little more often. She seems to think its funny to hold her breathe. She was doing it a lot yesterday and I was like Omg you're gonna give Daddy hell and turn my hair grey aren't you? She started smiling and made a cooing noise like she was laughing in a way. Her lungs are fully developed for sure though with the way she can "scream." Loudest baby I've heard in a long time. J.A.F isn't nearly as loud. It seems like hes gonna be kind of laid back yet active and one hell of an eater lol. Hes gonna be fat before long haha.

We've gotten to do a lot of touching and associating them. We've been able to feed them on our own finally and well J.A.F anyway. Should get to feed R.A.F later this afternoon on our own, once the tube is moved. I got to help with their first "baths" yesterday afternoon. I got to change a couple diapers already, rather nasty since babies first bowel movements have always been gross to me... worse than usual ones for some reason. I think that's just me. Been talking to them a lot and I was singing to them earlier... They do seem to like music. They liked it when they were inside too. Could tell cause Two-Flowers said it felt like they were keeping beat with the music somehow. Not sure how but something was keeping beat. Now R.A.F lays there and smiles when she hears music and J.A.F makes cooing noises. Its really adorable. I can't wait till they are home and I can learn more about their personalities without being watched over.

I just got back from picking up "real" breakfast from IHop. Its good to come in and see my babies and their mother "bonding". They had to go back to the nursery though for a little bit and get "warm" again. And monitored a little more. Gonna go down in a little bit and give them their next bottle and talk to the Dr. hopefully. Supposed to hear from him today. And discuss the plan for the next few days. I'm just thankful they are healthy and happy. And will be home sooner than it seems. Thank you to everyone for the support and blessings. And special thanks to those who are here helping off and on with our needs and those that continue to do so.

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